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Pediatric Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist's deals with children, with developmental milestones, congenital deformities like Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Autism. Physiotherapist uses his skills and specific knowledge to deliver appropriate care and education to encourage family involvement. Pediatric Physiotherapists specialize in the treatment of children and have detailed knowledge of:
  • Child development
  • Childhood diseases and conditions that may impact on development and well being
  • Therapeutic interventions that enable and optimize development and well being
  • The need to place the child at the centre of planning
  • The impact that having a sick or disabled child has on family life
  • How to keep children safe
  • How to ensure that children and young people make choices
  • Cerebral palsy: - Non progressive neuromuscular disorder of cerebral origin. Upper- motor neuron type of limb paralysis (spasticity) together with difficulty in co-ordination (ataxia) and purposeless movements (athetosis).
    Spina-bifida: - there is a developmental defect in the vertebral column, resulting in a lack of fusion of the vertebral arch. The bony defect may or may not be accompanied by defects of the spinal cord and meninges.
    Muscular dystrophy: - Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases in which muscle fibers are unusually susceptible to damage. These damaged muscles become progressively weaker.